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    Tarot Card Reading

    Do you wish to have deeper insight into what’s going on in your life? Have you ever arrived at cross-roads and needed help making a wise choice? Do you have questions about your life? Would you like to gain wisdom so as to make conscious decisions? Do you feel the need for guidance? If your answer to any of these questions is yes then tarot cards are what you need. Tarot is based on intuition and science both, for it entails a systematic approach as well as intuitive interpretation.

    A tarot deck comprises of a collection of 78 cards representing the varied life experiences at all levels. Each card depicts a symbol and has a meaning associated with the same when arranged in a particular order. One of the most interesting and distinguishing characteristics of tarot, which makes it all the more dynamic, is its ability to address the questioner according to his/her mindset at that given moment in time. It does so by unravelling the invisible influences, behavioural patterns, strengths, weaknesses, obstacles and so on to guide the way forward.

    It is usually a question that brings one to a tarot reader. The question could be about what the future holds or about looking within, getting to know oneself. Predictions by tarot Tarot work on the principle that future is not static but changeable. It all depends on the choices one makes in life and tarot equips one to make better choices, so the future becomes brighter.

    What does a tarot reading hold for us? It holds the insight into what has brought you where you are, what are your innate desires are, what future possibilities exist and where would your choices take you in future? It doesn’t offer vague assurances but pragmatic guidance to bring the desired changes in life and also take responsibility for the choices one makes. It is neither an alternative for diagnosing or treating medical issues, nor is it a substitute for seeking professional consultation to deal with legal or financial matters. Yet at the same time it can help gain understanding of the tendencies and patterns responsible for bringing about these situations in life.

    Let’s understand how Tarot helps in such situations. For example, in case of financial crises one must consult financial advisor to deal with it practically, but one also needs to identify patterns of relationship with money so as to deal with it deeply, which becomes possible with the help of a tarot reading. Thus it is the combination of both consultations that will bring a lasting change in life. Tarot unravels the sequence of events. If you ask, “When will I get married?”,  tarot reading will will tune into your life and guide you to do what’s needed to be done to make it happen. It is not a magnifying tool to have foresight of life events but an empowering tool to gain insight into the past, have wisdom to make wise choices in the present and shape up the desired future.

    Why get a Tarot Reading?

    Experience it for yourself to know what a Tarot reading can do for you. As such you don’t need to have specific reason yet a particular point in life can become a good reason to explore this modality. However, I suggest one must explore it to have a better understanding of one’s life. If you need reasons, here are some:

    • Feeling stuck or directionless? Life is a sequence of experiences. Every experience leaves an impression and certain impressions are difficult to get over, making one feel stuck. Tarot can help you get unstuck, find new directions and guide the path forward.
    • Working on a new project? If it’s a new project that you are working on, Tarot can assist you like none other. It can shed light on the pertinent factors to be considered, optimum use of available resources, possibilities to be explored and so on.
    • Struggling in life?  Struggles are indispensable for growth in life. But one needs to deal with them with courage, wisdom and stability. Tarot empowers one to sail through struggles in a way that they becomes doorways to success in every phase of life.
    • Need to take an important decision? At various times in life one needs to take important decisions, be it in personal zone or professional zone, which can either turn out to be favourable or unfavourable. A reading can give you clear insight about the consequences of decisions under consideration. Thus one can decide cautiously and consciously!
    • Reflecting on life? Tarot can help you reflect deeper, as it give you a lot to ponder about when considering your own personality, the decisions you make in life, and how you interact with the world as a whole. If you intend to spend more time considering your life and the way you live it, a Tarot reading can be an excellent starting point.

    Why not fortune telling?

    Although Tarot has usually been associated with fortune telling but in my perspective it is much wider than just about predicting future. Yet due to its prevalent understanding as a means of knowing future, it is commonly used for this purpose until the Tarot reader sheds light on its essence. I am often approached to do a Tarot reading to foretell the course of events in life as this is one of the most common queries. I do consider such requests and find it interesting to explore this dimension, yet I strongly believe that it can never be 100 % successful. It is not meant to be! As explained earlier Tarot is dynamic and it addresses the questioner as per his or her mindset at the given moment of asking the question. This very mindset will change in due course. So, more than future telling it is the present that matters when it comes to Tarot reading. This is the most remarkable characteristic of Tarot. It deals with you now! And this is what I do as a Tarot reader. I do not aim at giving assurance that everything is going to work out well in future. I strive to show what’s influencing the mind, thoughts and actions now and what are the possibilities that can be explored to shape up the present well, because as your present so is your future!