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    Choose Happiness

    By life 5 years agoNo Comments
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    Choose to be happy

    Each day brings about its own challenges …

     So does every job … business … relationships … who’s stronger or more powerful … smarter … prettier or richer are some of life’s aspects that are of immense concern.  Honestly speaking these are the things that worry all of us for most of our life …

    We feel we have to have all of this or become this to be successful, happy and to be at peace … but what truly matters at the end of the day is are you happy or not ...   If a task does not bring you happiness … is it really worth your time … is it enriching your soul .. then why are you spending so much energy on it?

    Make it a habit … a ritual if you may … to do one task which brings you happiness and one task which enriches you soul … allows your spiritual growth each and every day … you’ve taken birth as a human to evolve and enrich your soul and not just get stuck in the daily rigmarole of stuff which will be eventually be meaningless in a few days.. months or years.

    A truly fulfilling job or business or relationship will always bring you happiness and while doing that or being in it you will automatically feel meditative .. at peace.  That is how you grow my lovelies … don’t you want to?

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