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    Reconnecting with your Soul

    It is not ‘your’ Soul but Soul is who you are. Spiritual texts often refer to it as individual soul being one’s true identity beyond this mortal form. But what does it mean for you right now other than mere theoretical understanding? You might agree to it or not but either way its only what you think, not what you experience. This brings us to the question why? It is due to strong identification with the body and mind that we live completely unaware of our real Self. It is said that when being is in the subtle realm, it remembers the purpose so very clearly but as soon as it adorns the physical form, the delusion takes over and veils the vision. Ironically, the physical form is meant to pursue the journey and a potent tool to fulfil the purpose. But driven by outer reality, being in the form leads to distraction and diversion from following the path itself. Thus the purpose gets defeated.

    Reconnecting with your Soul shows the way out of this forgetfulness.  It enables one to gain insight into the journey of Soul i.e. becoming aware of your purpose, choosing your path consciously, growing through the experiences, drawing the learnings and so on. This could be through the career choices that you make, your way of dealing with your relationships and the goal of life that you pursue. In fact all of these would still fall under the category of secondary purpose, primary purpose being the conscious progression on the journey of Soul. However, clarity of purpose in these aspects leads to clarity about ultimate purpose of life. And then the higher purpose comes to light and shows the way forward.