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    Aishvarya Singh

    Helping you, empowering you, seeing you grow is my journey of growth. ~ Aishvarya

    Each one has a purpose to fulfill, journey to tread, lessons to learn and realise theĀ ultimate potential of this life. I feel blessed and grateful to be able to know my calling early in life. And it could become possible only because of my parents who nurtured my inherent ability to heal, empower and grow those around me in so many ways. There I was in my eleventh standard and already into Tarot along with other modalities. It came so naturally to me for my childhood went by in watching my loving mother deeply engaged in healing and counselling which transformed the lives of people who approached her from all walks of life. So there I found my roots. My father being a cardiac surgeon always helped me gain scientific understanding of these modalities. And thus flowered an exquisite convergence of science and healing in my approach. In my journey forward I pursued law so as to give extension to my driving force of empowering, and as it was meant to be, life was preparing me to advocate peace and happiness into everyone’s life!