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    I have been able to vent to my heart’s content and the minute I realise that I have shared all that I felt, all the feelings that were surrounding the issue are freed, that is when I see “what is behind it”, the actual issue surfaces only then. Once that happens I am then able to assess a remedy or change. I have finally begun to get a handle on my professional and personal relationships. I feel that I am “coming into my own” right now and the work we have been doing has helped so very much to guide my growth into healthy direction.

    – Munisha Mehra

    Every single time I finish a session and leave her office, I am overwhelmed with gratitude. I always remind myself of how lucky I am to have found this city such a wonderful person. I highly recommend Aishvarya’s services to anyone who wants to find peace and happiness in their relationship or with oneself and others.

    – Akshara Gokhale

     I have been able to address the inner turmoil and calm my self as well as I have been able to find strength to keep moving forward in the most difficult time of my life. You have helped me to learn that both negative and positive experiences shape the person as who they are and that I don’t need to be afraid or ashamed of the negative. I am able to now confront the negative self talk I so freely indulged myself in and work through to a place of strength. I deeply appreciate your ability to listen and to help me control the whirlwind that has been going through my mind throughout this awful time in my life. It is truly a lifeline.

    -Viren D

    My life had reached an all time low, when my best friend suggested that I visit aishvarya to be healed. She had had a session a week or so before and had had an experience that was profound. I am and never was a person who went to healers. I am a skeptical person and I had all my doubts about lying on a bed and being ‘healed’ but I was desperate enough to try it. I still chose to open myself to the experience.

    Aishvarya has such a gentle and soothing demeanour that I just put myself in her hands. My experience surpassed all my expectations. It was beyond anything I could ever have imagined. It returned me to my soul which was lost for years. I received answers that I felt would never be found. I cannot thank Aishvarya enough, nor could I more highly recommend her.”

    – Rashi A

    The minute I met Aishvarya, I felt completely comfortable in her capable hands.  She alleviated all the fears I had about Past Life Regression and she explained in great detail what to expect throughout the process.  As I went under hypnosis, she walked me through a series of exercises to help me jog memories from my current life and thus prepare me for retrieving memories from my past life easily.  Everything I received from both the present life and past life memories were extremely vivid and also very touching.  I can honestly say that I learned a lot about my past life and that I am now using this information to better myself and the people around me.  

    Aishvarya took the time to talk about the experiences that I had experienced and allowed me to reflect on what some of the meanings were.  Thank you, Aishvarya for your warm and comforting session.

     – Rishin D

     The Past Life experience you facilitated with me has remained with me and has become a major part of who I am today.  Thank you Aishvarya for sharing your gift of healing.

    – Lalit K

    A sense of peace and harmony. A change in feeling negative emotions like frustration, anger, jealousy, self-criticism . I have never felt particularly confident about the reflection I see in the mirror. I was stunned those insecurities decrease. I smile when I see myself now. Any of my friends and family will tell you that’s a first. I really feel as though I am suddenly living better. You’ll probably be hearing from a couple of my neighbours soon, they could see the change in me and were very interested! Thank you again, I feel like I’m at the start of something wonderful

    – Shirin K

    The Bars session felt quite overwhelming at some points I felt a tingling all over, especially on my ankle and spine. After the session my headache felt better and my sinuses had absolutely cleared up. Since then I have felt more positive and have meditated more. I also dealt with a stressful situation very well.”

    – Mark G


    Aishvarya is simply amazing.

    After a reading with her and her phenomenal cards, I am simply left speechless, wondering how is she able to give such pinpoint accuracy and that too so consistently. It’s mind blowing!
    -Neera. R

    Aishvarya is the most professional reader i have ever met, unlike others who are simply there to charge  combined with her generous spirit and spitfire personality are the perfect recipe for everything you want a tarot reading to be, because of all these qualities, her reputation is fabulous amongst those that know her.


    Aishvarya is life saver. She just sees through you, she leads you to have epiphanies just when you need them. Counselling feels so comfortable with her, i feel as though i am baring my soul to someone who is there to just support me. She is loving and so so patient that I am amazed at her ability at just letting me dance around the issue till I’m ready to address it. I know that counsellors are meant to listen to you, but she doesn’t sit there doing that like a robot, she is involved and yet not so much that she doesn’t let you reach your realisation. I simply love her.

    -Myra Roy

    Aishvarya is the wisest soul I have ever met, at such a young age this girl has so much wisdom that even at 57 she amazes me. This girl has helped me understand me and bring love back into my relationship with my husband.

    -Trisha Jagwani

    Aishvarya is the cutest being ever, she loves her tarot cards and is so connected with them that I can literally feel her travelling into her cards when we are doing a reading. She stuns me every single time with her accuracy.

    -Jinal M

    Aishvarya helped me solve an issue I felt had no answer to, she is the most patient and kind past life regressionist I have ever worked with. I cannot thank her enough, for she is the reason that my relationships are flourishing, she is the reason that I have broken the pattern that I was stuck in. Self sabotage no more. Thank thank you for being you.

    -Sahil. B

    Aishvarya is such a joy to work with. I was asked to seek therapy for my rage and depression issues. As a 16 year old, I would say its the most annoying thing ever, but a session with her does not seem like work, she can sense my mood and accordingly her sessions change. She is the only one who can manage to change my thinking. She has helped me see my issues and taught me the courage to handle them.

    -Josh Fernandes

    Aishvarya saved my marriage! She is the reason that my husband and I are not divorced. We were on the brink of getting one and yet through her session we fell back in love with each other. How she did it is a puzzle for both my husband and I, because at no point in any of her sessions did she ever even suggest that we should not think about the divorce, and yet here I am happily married. Thank you Aishvarya.
    -Malini. S

    Aishvarya is the kindest soul in the world. She believed when no one did, not even my family. My angel was trying to contact me and give me a message and no one understood that, and then she helped counsel me and then connected me to my angel. My life has changed ever since. To aishvarya I will remain ever grateful.
    -Teresa R

    Marriage is difficult, my friends had me dread it, so when my marriage was fixed I was desperately trying to not make the mistakes I heard all the other guys make, which intern made me make more blunders, since i clearly couldn’t be me. Thankfully a friend referred me to Aishvarya and she provided pre-marital counselling to me and my fiancé. Its been 3 years to my marriage and yes I have my ups and downs but it is a happy marriage, far more sorted than the ones i know off.
    -Ali G