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    What if someone was to tell you that by changing your handwriting you can actually change your mind patterns, your relationship with money, your relating with the world, your interactions and what not! It sounds unbelievable but its absolutely true! Moreover, it is not mere hearsay or made up but scientific in its approach. It is based on the principle that the form we give to the alphabets depicts the invisible patterns influencing our mind. Thus by consciously changing the way we write, under the guidance of an expert, we can actually influence our mind in turn.

    Mind is not merely what we know of it! It is vast and deep. And we are normally not aware of what goes on in the deeper layer of the mind, for it is not the conscious layer but the subconscious layer which drives thoughts and actions. When it comes to influencing the mind, it is about the deep subconscious layer and it is not an easy task, for it holds the impressions, the memories, the experiences spanning not only this lifetime but all our previous lives. Well, change in this life is possible only when we can change the patterns embedded in our subconscious layer. But for that first we need to have a clear perspective of those patterns, which can become possible only with the help of a Graphotherapist.

    Your handwriting holds the cues, the graph to the myriad aspects of your personality, which can be decoded by an adept Graphotherapist who can then guide you further. If you need to know which career would be best suited for your personality, then all you need to do is give your signature for reading. If you need to know the pre-dominant patterns driving your thoughts and action, then you would need to give a handwritten page to the Graphotherapist. You can even get to know the probabilities of ailments in your system through this reading. In fact Graphotherapy has infinite potential which can be explored in numerous ways, as in USA it is used as a tool for human resource management i.e. to recruit the right candidate for the desired position. You might ask how?! Simply by screening the handwriting to shortlist the potential candidates, as Graphotherapy can even shed light on those areas which cannot be gauged through mere qualifications & experience mentioned in C.V. It all depends for what purpose do you want to use it for.

    So, if you wish to explore this wonderful therapy for yourself or for your family & friends, all you need to do is write something and send it to me. Your writing speaks your mind!