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    Angel Cards

    In essence we are all divine spiritual beings, currently in the limited mortal form, learning our lessons to progress through the journey of life.

    It is believed that beings in this physical corporeality are guarded and guided by compassionate beings who exist in their subtle forms, often referred to as angels or guides, having infinite love and care for us.

    Angels act in accordance with the divine laws so as to serve the wellbeing of humanity by providing guidance, insight, protection and so on in all aspects. Their messages include positive affirmations and pearls of wisdom that enable as well as empower us to face the challenges of life with courage, calm and confidence. And the good news is that we can consciously access their energies through Angel cards. Although they are often (mis) perceived to be similar to Tarot Cards but they are not so in any way! For they are not based on the interaction between Tarot reader and the questioner but on the interaction with the energies of the angelic beings.

    Angel Cards are said to have their origin in the emergence of new designs of Oracle cards in New Age Movement. There are different decks used by the readers, to receive the messages, as per their compatibility. And the aspects in which these cards can help us seek guidance from Angels vary from relationships, spiritual growth, emotional harmony and others. In this case reader shall draw the cards for your reading and depending on your question shall proceed with the same. What we call readings in the case of Angel Cards are basically the messages received from the subtle realms channelled through the reader. And the core of these readings are to guide the path of self-growth and evolution in the journey inward.

    Connecting with our Guides our Masters

    Another method of seeking guidance is by connecting to our master or our ancestors.  This is done by lowering ones inhibitions and allowing me to guide you to connect with them. One must understand that our masters or gurus wish to guide us and it is our conscious mind which often prevents us from receiving from them or reaching out to them. By means of mild hypnosis we can pause our conscious mind and allow our being to connect with other souls and seek the guidance or happiness or peace that we need.