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    Emotional Freedom Technique

    Emotions set our heart & mind in motion. Emotions make us alive. Emotions bond us with the universe. If we did not have emotions we wouldn’t been called human beings, for they make us smile, laugh, cry, love, hate, amazed, compassionate, angry and what not!

    The only thing that comes in between is getting suppressing emotions.

    This is what creates imbalance in our life. Most problems that we face in life have an unsatisfied, suppressed emotion at its core.

    Why should one deal with unresolved emotions?

    Unresolved emotions first begin to create blocks in our thinking .. in our mindset … we begin to block all that which we wish to manifest in our life. After this the unresolved emotions begin to create problem on a physical level, psychosomatic issues manifest as problems in our body for example a random blocked nose is due to confusion in our mind or fever is often caused because we are angry, we are literally burning up inside, or  massive amounts of grudges often result in cancer.

    These unresolved emotions could exist in adulthood and in many cases they go way back into childhood and often even to the point where you were a foetus in your mothers womb.

    There exists a technique to help you deal and overcome your issues and that is EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), it frees up the space blocked by emotional baggage. Emotional baggage exists when we do not live through the emotion fully and choose to suppress it, we create a baggage of emotions, which we carry along life after life, the more we push it away from getting to the surface, the more it intensifies and begins to get lodged in parts of our body. If not dealt with in time, then this very energy manifests as mental and physical ailments. This of this accumulation can be got rid of by learning and using EFT. It is similar to accupuncture in terms of meridian points and thus is backed by 5000 years of healing experiences of people all over the world. At the same time it differs from accupuncture because instead of needles it is done through tapping of fingertips on a dozen or more points on the face, torso and hands. You might wonder what can finger-tapping do? Well, simpler it sounds, greater are its results.

    EFT unleashes the pent up energy to move freely through meridians and produces deep healing effects at all levels. Now this is what we can call healing at your fingertips. It truly is! this has been proven by various scientific studies which show the immensely positive effects of tapping on the brain. This confirms what has already been known and experienced by healers and their subjects that EFT is efficacious and can change the life around the way desired.

    Each session of EFT lasts anywhere from 30 minutes to 60 minutes. You would be surprised to know that maybe one session is all you need to resolve the issues in different aspects of life. It can empower you to deal with anything from simple to complex such as eradicating the negative thought pattern or diffusing the energy of depression. If you are already trained in using EFT but not able to use it to for your benefit then it is recommended to engage a skilled and experienced practitioner. In such instances I adopt the approach of mentally tuning into the issues to help my clientele to gain clear understanding and then use EFT to heal the same. It not only accelerates the healing process but makes one feel all the more empowered in every way.