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    True security exists when all needs can be met by the self

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    Security… to feel secure …. somehow most people are convinced that in life if we wish to be secure, or wish to have security, we must find something or somebody in the outer world who will give us something that will make us feel secure. No one can give you anything before you give it to yourself. If you cannot give it to yourself then how can someone else give it to you? If you cannot give it to yourself, then no one can give it to you either.

    What does this mean?
    This means that anything you are seeking right now to feel secure ….. such as money… a job, a boyfriend or girlfriend …. a marriage …. a home – none of those will fulfill that need until you have given yourself inner security.
    Some of the things that people think they need, to feel secure are love, fame, recognition, acknowledgment, fortune and praise. Take love for instance, very often love is demanded by others in a very specific way, as though there is a certain manner of displaying love – so many gifts, so many messages and phone calls a week, so many hugs, so many kisses , so many occasions to display appreciation publicly, so many times do we feel the need to feel that the world is safe, to feel that you are special, to feel a part of something. Many a times we look to others to give this to us and in return all we find is constant disappointment. Try as hard as you may, security is always found within, it is a need of the being that you are. Security needs can be satisfied only by one person …. you… yourself – you can love yourself, you can believe that the world is safe, you an acknowledge and recognize your accomplishments. Ultimately, only the self can fulfil all these needs.
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