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    Past Life Regression

    Have you ever visited a place and felt as if you have been there before? Have you ever met someone and felt as if you have always known each other? Have you ever picked up and spoken foreign language as frequently as your first language? Have you ever attracted a certain type of person in your life? Have you got unfound phobias? Do you keep repeating the same mistakes in different scenarios? All these are the signs of past connections, within all of us lie memories which can be accessed through various methods and techniques, but there are times when the past impressions surface without the use of any method, often called as Deja Vu experience. If one holds on to such experience and goes deeper within to investigate, it is like regressing into past lives without following the technical process of ‘past life regression’.

    Whether one believes in past life or not undergoing a past life regression through hypnosis or guided induction of trance has tremendous healing effects on physical and emotional levels. It sounds unbelievable, but it is true that positive changes can occur when the events from past lives are remembered i.e. brought to awareness, for they hold the key to unlock today’s mysteries. Let’s say one has fear of water or phobia of heights. There have been instances wherein through the use of this therapy one could go back to the times when the symptom i.e. fear of water or phobia of heights first appeared as a consequence of some incident. When the past incident comes into awareness, it helps clear the memory and get rid of the current symptom. Healing is evidential in such cases.

    Research states that past life regression has proven highly beneficial in healing traumatic experiences lodged deep within our memory cause anxiety, aggression, panic, pain etc.

    In a nutshell past life regression it answers all the questions about our mindsets, behavioural patterns, inclinations, likes & dislikes, relationships, weaknesses & strengths, conflict issues and whatever one wants to trace and overcome. It’s not just about regressing into past but realising the lessons to be learnt and freeing your present from the past impressions which are not needed anymore.

    Reprogramming the mind

    Our mind is extremely powerful. Scientific proof exists to support the fact that we can do anything that we set our to mind. People have beaten diseases, terminal ones with a positive and strong mindset. Research also shows that the cells in our body respond to the thoughts generated by the mind.

    Everything is dictated by our mind, so when we feel stuck somewhere, be it at work, or a relationship or just a block we wonder why… why are we in this situation. The answer is simple, you are focusing constantly on the negative or the problem or on what currently upsets you. Im sure quite a few of you would say that we’ve tried to be positive and it just doesn’t change things.

    Well my dearies, let me tell you that when your are unable to think the way you wish you could, you could seek help i.e I could help you bring about change in how you think .. change you how you communicate wit hyourself by reprogramming the mind, reprogramming is a beautiful option to turn things around. It is a process by which statements are embedded in your mind to turn around your thinking by means of hypnosis.

    Before you freak out thinking that using hypnosis I can make you do things you don’t want to, let me tell this isn’t how it works.

    hypnosis is not what is shown in movies or on tv programs. In fact that dramatic version has lead to a common misconception about this healing modality. Ask anyone about hypnosis and the most expected answer would be that it’s a mysterious way to know thoughts of another person or a technique to control someone’s mind. Well, this isn’t true!

    Hypnosis is an amazing way to heal, to relax and to cleanse. It is not mysterious or dangerous in any manner. It is a deeper state of altered awareness wherein your therapist can access the subconscious mind, which is the storehouse of memories; memories not just of this lifetime but past lives as well. It could also be defined as a state wherein one is calm, relaxed and open so as to go deeper within to access the sub-conscious layer of mind, all the while being away of their surroundings.

    One needs to be extremely conscious of what you speak, your words create your reality